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Q hypocrisy of Human trafficking concern

Since when have you ever expressed concern for the crisis of human trafficking and child abuse? Oh now you care? Ok good! Trump’s Business Partners Allegedly Involved In Human Trafficking, Mafia Matters, Probable […]

Anti DT Ads and more anti testimonials

MY NEW VIDEO: #OpenLetterToRepublicans  SOUND UP!! Don Winslow on Twitter ‘I couldn’t be more ashamed of myself’ — These lifelong Republicans explain why they’re voting against Trump in the 2020 election (via @RVAT2020) NowThis on […]


DRAIN THE SWAMP? Trump official who promoted fringe conspiracy theories now senior adviser at State Department Krugman: Congratulations America, You’ve Been Scammed. How Trump and congress are erasing the last 20 years They’re […]

Covid19 Country Comparisons

Example of how it was done right in another country: Singapore response  Welcome Back to Germany. Now Take Your Free Virus Test. The country’s capacity to make testing efficient, affordable and available has distinguished it. […]


“A coordinated response from the CDC, the FDA, and the White House would have been important in containing the virus in the early stages,” Thomas Tsai, a health policy researcher at the Harvard School of […]

Dog Whistling DT Re-election Run

Trump Talks Like He’s Running For President Of The Confederacy — HuffPost Running For Reelection, Trump Talks Like He’s Running For President Of The Confederacy — HuffPost Trump’s presidency is a symbol of the last […]


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