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Catalogue of news Articles and reFerences Within a polarized culture


There are things “both sides” can agree upon such as clean air and drinking water being vital to preserve.  Yet these issues get so politicized that they force us into tribal-like “us versus them” as though we’re feverishly defending our sports team.  “Polarization is killing our country. It is weakening our political and social bonds, […]

What Went Wrong Where did We Go Wrong

“Trump is a swindler, but the Trumpocalypse of 2020 represents something a lot bigger and a lot worse than a swindle. In the fall of 2019, a nonpartisan research organization studied the distinctive attitudes of Republicans who watched Fox News as their primary source of information. Among that group, 55 percent said there was virtually […]

macro misc

“I would rather live in a peaceful country where people engaged in thoughtful and intelligent dialogue, with socialist programs like public libraries, national parks, public schools, social security, safety nets for the underprivileged, local police and fire departments etc. ; than a fascist country with private prisons for profit, dirty air and water, a justice […]

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