During the years of the trump administration, I collected articles and videos to keep track of the perpetual onslaught of chaotic news. By the time we start processing one subject, another more jarring one takes hold. The bar lowered each day, the ground shifted each week, and the world eventually came to a grinding hault with covid19. And then, to a chaotic uproar sparked by blatant racial injustices.

The familiar modes and structures we knew before, started to quiver and quake. A phase transition was occurring. During the interlude, I organized every news headline I collected throughout these disturbing years into loose categories. EACH SUBJECT CAN BE A STARTING POINT OF ENGAGEMENT. Where can we find the time and strength to process each dilemma, and effectively act on each pressing matter? How can we keep track of all that has happened when it piles up faster than we can do enough about it? The starting point is everywhere and the boundary of each subject is endless and interconnected.

If you happen upon this site randomly, here is a disclaimer:

I collect what matters to me. I consider many angles and look through the lens of several perspectives. I consider myself to always be learning. I am posing statements and questions outside of the peer-reviewed process and system of academia that I respect. This is a social experiment and a resource to share with my friends and family. The news articles and opinions I have found important to document and question are available here so that we may get our bearings in this dizzying era and articulate our common struggles. 

There are countless other subjects that I have not referenced here. There are many struggles and crisis being addressed more effectively by others. For example, Military spending, economic opportunity, big Pharma, LGBTQ rights, xenophobia, public education, mass incarceration, and profit imbalance in politics. 

I don’t claim to be an expert on these matters and I consider this a work in progress and expect to be challenged and corrected. 

You don’t have to have been abused to care about preventing abuse and bringing justice to abusers.

You don’t have to have been raped to be utterly disturbed by others experience of terror and violation.

You don’t have to be oppressed to care about the experience of others who are.