“Nineteen eighty was a year of hope for conservatives in America, but it was a hope diminished by decades of consistent failure at the grass roots. Republicans hadn’t controlled either chamber of Congress, or a majority in state legislatures, for a quarter-century. Most governors were Democrats, as had been true since 1970. Not only was the Republican Party overmatched at winning elections, but those with the strongest ideological convictions — “movement conservatives,” as they liked to call themselves — were a faint voice even within Republican ranks.

But at the end of that year two things happened. One, as we all know, was the election of Ronald Reagan as president. The other was an utterly private event whose significance would not be noticed for years. Charles and David Koch, the enormously rich proprietors of an oil company based in Kansas, decided that they would spend huge amounts of money to elect conservatives at all levels of American government. David Koch ran for vice president on the Libertarian ticket in 1980, but when the campaign was over, he resolved never to seek public office again. That wouldn’t be necessary, he and his brother concluded; they could invest in the campaigns of others, and essentially buy their way to political power. ‘Dark Money,’ by Jane Mayer (Published 2016)

How the Nobel Prize–winning economist James M. Buchanan shaped today’s antigovernment politics The Architect of the Radical Right

Misinforming the Majority: A Deliberate Strategy of Right-Wing Libertarians

A Catholic fundamentalist who controls a network of right-wing groups funded by dark money has put three justices on the court. He’s about to get a fourth. Updated Jul. 24, 2018 The Secretive Puppetmaster Behind Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

In a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts, he detailed why he’s lost faith in the court. Former Judge Resigns From the Supreme Court Bar in a Letter to John Roberts

Secret documents show North Korea laundering money through U.S. banks The documents convey a relentless effort by North Korea to penetrate the global financial system to skirt sanctions. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/secret-documents-show-how-north-korea-launders-money-through-u-n1240329

The Miami Herald, citing “sources with knowledge,” reported last week that Miami-Dade prosecutors have launched an inquiry into Alex Rodriguez’s candidacy. A spokesperson for the office declined to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation to CNN. Ben Wilcox, research director of the nonpartisan watchdog group Integrity Florida, said he has no doubt that someone running a dark money campaign impacted at least one state senate seat.

“Florida is so loosely regulated when it comes to financing of campaigns that it’s probably legal, but it really shouldn’t be,” Wilcox said. “It’s a disservice to voters and it calls into question the integrity of our elections.”

A dark money mystery in the Sunshine State

FinCEN Files: HSBC moved Ponzi scheme millions despite warning HSBC allowed fraudsters to transfer millions of dollars around the world even after it had learned of their scam, leaked secret files show.

Britain’s biggest bank moved the money through its US business to HSBC accounts in Hong Kong in 2013 and 2014.

Its role in the $80m (£62m) fraud is detailed in a leak of documents – banks’ “suspicious activity reports” – that have been called the FinCEN Files.https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-54225572

Now is a good time to review the approval of EVERY SINGLE JUDGE TRUMP PUT FORTH IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS with an extraordinarily close look at their finances. 

Sheldon Whitehouse Is Following the Money Around Brett Kavanaugh