Mask Meltdowns – Hypocrisy of “Freedom and Rights to Choice” Argument

Virginia Man Assaults Coffee Shop Owner After She Asks Him to Wear Mask

Manager told here she had to keep her mask on

“If a black man did this he’d be choked to death by a cop and half the country would say *but he threw groceries” This is actual white privileged . These people are now upset because for the first time they are being told what to do and how to act .”

“They care so much about their rights but when it’s a person of color it’s “ they should’ve followed the laws “ 

“Why are so many angry people angry in America? Like people are hungry and starving elsewhere but I don’t see tantrums like this on a daily basis. And I noticed Americans always crying on TV a lot but in a split second they’re on rage. Hmm maybe it’s the food, or the air ? Ahh water?” Solemad O’nlien on Twitter

Michigan man refused service for not wearing mask stabs customer, is fatally shot by deputy A squabble over coronavirus safeguards at a convenience store in Delta Township ends with the stabbing of a 77-year-old man and the death of Sean Ernest Ruis.

‘We don’t live in a communist country!’: battle over masks rages in Texas

8 Karens and Kens who threw huge tantrums instead of putting on masks

Today is the first day of MN mask mandate. These pics from Walmart in Marshall, MN. (h/t Raphaella M) Erin Maye Quade on Twitter

Great granddaughter of anti-Nazi resistance fighter confronted a couple wearing swastika masks in a US Walmart

New Orleans Man Shoots up Grocery Store After Being Asked to Wear Mask

StanceGrounded on Twitter THIS IS RIDICULOUS People just want to survive this pandemic CHARGE KARENS FOR NOT  WEARING A  MASK

Florida man spits on boy for wearing mask in restaurant: ‘You now have the coronavirus’

Fla. Man Who Yelled After He Was Asked to Wear a Mask in Costco Loses His Job

Performative masculinity is making American men sick American men are failing the pandemic. Trump and conservatives had mocked Biden for wearing a mask, some saying it was a sign of weakness. The abrupt turn is, of course, politically driven. But it’s worth noting that the praise Trump received is about his manliness and heroism — the type of motivators that Glick and Reny mentioned.

Man Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Jaw Of 72-Year-Old Veteran In Mask Dispute — HuffPost

These are the people who worship Trump and have a deep, seething, and palpable hatred for you. Benjamin Dixon on Twitter

Severity of coronavirus infection may be determined by face mask use, study suggests ‘It’s likely that face masks, by blocking even some of the virus-carrying droplets you inhale, can reduce your risk of falling seriously ill from COVID-19,’ one researcher said

A guard asked two sisters to put on a mask. They stabbed him 27 times instead, prosecutors say.