Police brutality & protest bias

Police are civil servants who are paid to protect and serve the American people. All American people. Hard earned tax money supports the departments. Need to have more: 

-Innate bias training 

-De escalation tactics

There’s no cost to white people who call 911 about black people. There should be. How to stop calls to report “suspicious” black people who aren’t doing anything wrong.

White Racist Kills Two Cops In Iowa Ambush And Fox News Goes Quiet http://mediamatters.org/blog/2016/11/04/white-racist-kills-two-cops-iowa-ambush-and-fox-news-goes-quiet/214294

A white guy and a black guy open carry. See the DIFFERENCE?


Armed Neo-Nazis Get a Police Escort to Disrupt Detroit Pride https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/06/armed-neo-nazis-police-escort-detroit-pride.html

Felony Charges Dismissed Against Miami Cop Who Shot Black Caregiver With Arms Raised https://slate.trib.al/vyJEUZs

PHD student pulled over

After a 4-year-old took doll from store, video shows Phoenix police pulling gun on parents – NBC News

NFL player: Why I knelt during national anthem – NBC News Veterans Taking a Knee For Kaepernick and NFL Players

A mom grieving her 4-year-old daughter was pinned to ground by Arkansas police https://apple.news/A0YV6my9bSm2KFni1EvTclQ

Fort Worth police officer fatally shoots woman in her own home https://apple.news/AAZAsJdoATYSz_2blRZIw9w

White supremacist arrest https://apple.news/AmVTjRcoIQ52E0YLMOjaCoQ

Today in Virginia, Matthew Bernard, a White man suspected of killing three people, including a child, led police on a wild pursuit, naked, during which he choked a church caretaker. 

He was taken safely, without injury, into police custody.

My white neighbor thought I was breaking into my own apartment. Nineteen cops showed up.

REVEALED: Portland right-wingers had gunmen positioned with a cache of weapons before recent protest

The Portland Mercury reported that police revealed in a Monday night press conference that they found and seized the firearms ahead of the group’s August 4 rally and “redirected” the group members. No arrests were made and police noted that the members had concealed carry permits.

‘The most over-aggressive policing I’ve ever seen’: Reporters at Georgia Neo-Nazi rally document cops brutalizing counter-protestors over bandanas

Canadian Man Blocks Person of Color From Leaving Supermarket After Demanding to See Documentation

This man threatened a person of color with a ‘citizen’s arrest’ and called the police before blocking him from leaving a supermarket 

The FBI Arrested Three White Supremacists Days Before A Gun Rally That Is Attracting “Threats Of Violence” – BuzzFeed News

A black Oregon man told his boss about discrimination at work. Then he was arrested. – NBC News

StanceGrounded on Twitter

‘It Hurts’: Ohio Bank Calls Police on Black Man Cashing First Check – Newsweek

A New York Police Officer Was Caught on Camera Apparently Planting Marijuana in a Car — for the Second Time

Cops harassing and shoving black man 

Black FBI agent falsely arrested

Video shows alleged police assault on woman, 68, and son at a Sam’s Club; lawsuit filed The 68-year-old woman says she and her son were falsely accused of stealing a television they had purchased. Video shows alleged police assault on woman, 68, and son at a Sam’s Club; lawsuit filed

“We are witnessing America as a failed social experiment,” says Dr. @CornelWest “…Its capitalist economy could not… deliver, in such a way that people could live lives of decency. The nation state, it’s criminal justice system…could not generate protection of rights.

Ex-cops accused of handcuffing, raping teen might dodge sex assault charges – New York Post

Cop Rape Stats I’m seeing people ask things like “But if there are no police who will go after RAPISTS???” and well I have some very bad news for those folks andi zeisler on Twitter


Angry aggressive white man shoving peaceful protestor 

Trinity Francisco on Twitter

Some protesters, news crews, and medics in Minneapolis found themselves stranded after recent protests: The tires of their cars had been slashed. 

Many assumed protesters were to blame. But videos reveal a different culprit: the police.

Mother Jones on Twitter

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter

Other misinformation and misleading claims spread across Twitter on Sunday night and into Monday related to the protests.

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter

Louisville PD releases additional video from site where David McAtee was shot and killed

Louisville PD releases additional video from site where David McAtee was shot and killed

Policing is not preventative. We can’t expect police to prevent violence. We can’t expect them to be mental health professionals. We can’t expect them to be social workers or addiction counselors. We can’t defund everything else and expect them to fill in the blanks.

josie duffy rice on Twitter

Man being arrested for “Mad Dogging” an officer! This needs to STOP 

Moni1440 on Twitter

Men in KKK hoods carrying Trump flags interrupt Black Lives Matter protest in Nevada

Police escalated peaceful protest to aggressive 

Chase Burns on Twitter

ST. PAUL MAN ARRESTED FOR BURNING DOWN OF MINNEAPOLIS POLICE PRECINCT https://www.kimt.com/content/news/St-Paul-man-arrested-for–571111961.html

These are the real looters

Compilation of gov money gone towards personal benefit of DT

Chainsaw-wielding racist gets boosted by a top Trump aide as race protests sweep the nation — POLITICO Chainsaw-wielding racist gets boosted by a top Trump aide as race protests sweep the nation — POLITICO

Peaceful Protests

If the whole world went out to the streets durning a pandemic to condemn the injustice they witnessed on video, believing their own eyes, what makes you so sure that you did not see what you saw should be the credible verdict?

Stunning scene in downtown D.C. as the sun begins to set. Thousands are lying on the hot pavement in extreme heat and humidity — baking underneath their masks — almost a week into the protests. “I can’t breathe!” they’re chanting. Hannah Natanson on Twitter

Turnout for George Floyd protests in Amsterdam. Extraordinary ian bremmer on Twitter

German town gives a lesson in how to calmly oppose a Nazi march https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/culture/article/2017/08/21/german-town-gives-lesson-how-calmly-oppose-nazi-march

Clashes between police and public escalate overnight — The Washington Post Clashes between police and public escalate overnight — The Washington Post

Who are these men ?  What Law Enforcement agency are they with?   Where are the badges, insignia, and names? Many of them are obese and unfit. The facial hair is unusual for Federal Officers. This is an urgent matter. This is not ok in America. We do not have secret police here Steve Schmidt on Twitter

Mentally ill man, 28, spent FIVE MONTHS in prison for ‘assaulting’ two cops before bodycam footage revealed a group of officers beat, tased and taunted him after arresting him for NO reason. He was released after judge saw video and granted him a personal bond. https://twitter.com/davevescio/status/1272672603455414272?s=12

…advocates say it is simply about narrowing the role of police and investing in services specifically designed to address issues such as mental health, rehabilitation and homelessness. https://apple.news/APGnyV2oxSx2ggCyTd9rfoQ

Fox News publishes digitally altered and misleading images of Seattle demonstrations Fox News published digitally altered and misleading images on its website’s homepage Friday that made a demonstration in Seattle, in which a group of largely peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters have occupied six city blocks, appear violent and dangerous. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/13/media/seattle-fox-news-autonomous-zone-protest/index.html

‘Why Don’t You Act Like a Young Lady?’: Video Shows Cop Slamming a Woman into a Car https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/v7gz8a/why-dont-you-act-like-a-young-lady-video-shows-cop-slamming-a-woman-into-a-car


Is this what our $300M police budget is getting us? Columbus Police towed a street medic’s car today at a protest at city hall, for being 16 inches from the curb. This too is police violence. Morgan Harper on Twitter

Where the rubber bullets , tear gas and $250 tickets for not wearing a mask ? The anti-mask rally is about to begin at Scottsdale City Hall. TDunton 💲 on Twitter

This is unconscionable. How many more must we watch til some stop making this political and acknowledge there’s a crisis in America? If you’re a POC, DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT A SMARTPHONE. If u see something, tape it. Denounce it. Make it public. Ana Navarro-Cárdenas on Twitter

TW: Rape, police retaliation

In June, Norman, OK cut the police dept. budget by $865,000.

In retaliation, an NPD officer doxxed a female city council member, to “teach her a lesson”.

On Saturday, her duplex was broken in to & her neighbor—mistaken as her—was brutally raped. Kendall Brown on Twitter