Dog Whistling DT Re-election Run

Trump Talks Like He’s Running For President Of The Confederacy — HuffPost Running For Reelection, Trump Talks Like He’s Running For President Of The Confederacy — HuffPost

Trump’s presidency is a symbol of the last gasp of white supremacy Trump’s presidency is a symbol of the last gasp of white supremacy

VoteVets (@votevets) Tweeted: This July 4th, there is a new name synonymous with traitor. #TRE45ON VoteVets on Twitter

Trump’s legacy is written in blood–from children dying in cages to the dead of Puerto Rico, from Khashoggi to soldiers dying with Russian bounties on their head to the tens of thousands who died because of his catastrophic failure to respond to this pandemic. Traitor. Murderer. David Rothkopf on Twitter

I don’t buy this. If the President’s top aides can’t reach him for 3 hours while he’s playing golf, this WH is even more dangerously dysfunctional than we’ve been led to believe. Trump’s ‘white power’ retweet set off ‘five-alarm fire’ in White House Joyce Alene on Twitter

Schumer: “President Trump, you lose either way. If you weren’t briefed on this important report, how can you run an administration where something this important is not brought to your level? And if you were told about the report and did nothing, that’s even worse. Shame on you.” Kyle Griffin on Twitter

When kids get shot the 


 do nothing.

When police kill POC the 


 do nothing. 

When covid kills our elders the 


 do nothing. 

Putin put bounties on American soldiers and, once again, the 


 do nothing.

Beau Willimon on Twitter

Folks, we are about to experience the mother of all gaslights in response to the Putin bounties.

My wager: Bill Barr is going to launch an “investigation” into the “leaker” who gave the story to the NY Times which is also going to somehow become magically connected to Obamagate Asha Rangappa on Twitter

Black residents oppose Trump’s visit to Jacksonville on anniversary of ‘Ax Handle Saturday’ “Sick to my stomach. Trump accepting the nomination on the anniversary date of a literal race riot in Jacksonville is not only disgusting, but given the current tension surrounding race relations in this country, it is frightening.”

Trump twists stats on police brutality: ‘more white people’ are killed President makes remark in CBS interview but research shows Black Americans are up to 3.5 times as likely to be killed by police

Betsy DeVos Wants to Use America’s Schools to Build “God’s Kingdom” Trump’s education secretary pick has spent a lifetime working to end public education as we know it.

Nothing to see here, just the President’s top advisor flashing white power signs to the camera… in the White House. Don Winslow on Twitter

Army Handout Suggests Trump’s MAGA Slogan Is Considered ‘Covert White Supremacy’

Is evangelical support for Trump a contradiction?

John Oliver Exposes The Racist Origins Of Trump’s Latest Campaign Promise

How inequality is changing the Republican Party — and breaking American politics

A new book tries to untangle the relationship between white identity politics and skyrocketing inequality.

“To advance an unpopular plutocratic agenda, Republicans have escalated white backlash — and, increasingly, undermined democracy,” Hacker and Pierson write. “In the United States, then, plutocracy and right-wing populism have not been opposing forces. Instead, they have been locked in a doom loop of escalating extremism that must be disrupted.”

This is their synthesis of the great economic anxiety versus racial resentment debate. Republican elites weaponize racial resentment to win voters who would otherwise vote their economic self-interest. Hacker and Pierson are careful to sidestep the crude version that holds that ethnic and religious division are mere distractions. Voters see racial and religious dominance as political interests as compelling and legitimate as tax benefits, and the demand for politicians to reflect those underlying resentments and fears is real.

I Hope This Is Not Another Lie About the Republican Party

Jim Jordan plays violent video. See what it didn’t show