A Human Right

All Lives Matter? Pro-Life?

US is the only “developed” country where healthcare is tied to employment

How we’re going to pay for healthcare

“Are you trying to tell me that the richest country in the world, a country that spends trillions on wars around the globe, with some of the most innovative minds and pioneering corporations…can’t afford or accomplish this? I believe this is a case where the republican talking points are so well circulated in the media that they have tainted your perspective of what this country is capable of.

One thirtieth of the military budget would handle all of this with ease.

$74 Million dollars. That’s the amount of money we give away daily in subsidies to a fossil fuel industry that is already posting record profits

$2.3 Billion dollars. That’s how much the US spends daily on military action around the world. If we have this much money to throw away to corporate donors and drone strikes on nut farmers we can find the money for this plan.

our changes of priorities will pay for this. And it will be cheaper in the long term. Life will be richer for us all. 

Greed isn’t good.

Let’s get corporate tax rates back up to Eisenhower era levels and we can have a middle class again. You know? We can make America great again.

Israel has all of this shit and we give them a few million dollars an hour.

Might I suggest taxing religious organizations? The ‘Church’ fuels much of the laws we fight most aggressively for/against…

AG’s around the country should start suing any tax-exempt religious organization that preaches politics from the pulpit. I want their tax exempt statuses revoked, because that is the law of our land.


The tax bill destroys an important part of Obamacare. The states can save it.

States don’t have to stand by and watch the ACA implode.

Maine Voices: The problem isn’t Obamacare; it’s the insurance companies

Patients and primary care physicians are getting the raw end of the deal for the sake of corporate profits.

Big Pharma