Sexual Assault and misogynistic violence and silence

Study finds 75 percent of workplace harassment victims experienced retaliation when they spoke up

Abducted survivor explaining not running from captor 

Difference between men and women preparing to not be assaulted each day

‘I Truly Felt Like I Could Die.’ Evan Rachel Wood Details Her Rape and Torture in Testimony to Congress – TIME

“The root of democracy outside the home is democracy inside the home” “I’ll leave it to Steinem to answer this assertion in her own, powerful words, but first I want to show you why what she’s saying about the home vs. the public realm is essential to figuring out how to stop the horrifyingly high rates of sexualized violence against women—and its attending victim-blaming and shaming—in conflict and in public spaces around the world.

Kim Wall submarine Peter Madsen has been charged with murder, indecent handling of a corpse, and sexual assault without intercourse.

ALABAMA WOMAN FACES LIFE SENTENCE FOR KILLING MAN WHO ALLEGEDLY RAPED HER In 2018, Brittany Smith killed a man who she said brutally raped her. Smith was charged with murder and she now faces life in prison as well as challenges getting adequate treatment at a state psychiatric hospital.

Man Thinks He Killed His Wife After Too Much Cough Syrup

This man called 911 after blacking out from cough syrup and allegedly stabbing his wife to death

Mom Used Phone App to Find Missing Daughter Who’d Been Sexually Assaulted and Killed – People

Man sent to prison for biting off chunk of wife’s nose – ABC News

After Trump’s Mockery of Ford, Actor Tatum O’Neal Claims That She Was Sexually Assaulted Since Age 5

Woman recounts sex assault after man was given access to her hotel room – CBS News

Current and former cadets speak out on sexual assault at Air Force Academy

Armed Invaders Rape Woman 2x, Steal Cash in NYC House Terror – NBC New York

Bowing to U.S. demands, U.N. waters down resolution on sexual violence in conflict – Reuters

Alyssa Milano: I was sexually assaulted as a teen. Here’s why I didn’t report. – Vox

Ronan Farrow on how the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke open

How Harvey Weinstein Engineered a Conspiracy of Silence – The New York Times

Actress Emma Thompson has written a #MeToo letter for the ages

Time’s up for the judge who gave “one pass” to the man who kidnapped, strangled, and masturbated on a woman.

Reese Witherspoon 

Corey Feldman 

Ashley Judd is calling for “restorative justice” when it comes to offenders like James Franco.

Director award 

Hiding the Casting Couch in Plain Sight

The truth is, Hollywood didn’t actually do a great job of hiding their disgusting practices––in fact, when it came to the casting couch, they laughed about it right on our TV screens

Expelled Wisconsin student sentenced to 3 years for raping 3 women

A judge on Thursday sentenced a former University of Wisconsin-Madison student to three years in prison for sexually assaulting three female students and choking or stalking two others.

Man Suspected of Killing Utah Teen While She Talked on the Phone with Mom Is ‘Very Dangerous,’ Says Ex

Tinder-date killers strangled Nebraska woman

Tinder-date killers strangled Nebraska woman

A Campaign Milestone: ‘I Was Drugged and Raped,’ Heard in a Candidate’s Ad

A Campaign Milestone: ‘I Was Drugged and Raped,’ Heard in a Candidate’s Ad

I Survived a Serial Killer: How a Woman Escaped After Being Beaten, Bound and Stuffed in a Trunk – People

Husband leaps to his death from bridge, wife is found slain in their Central Jersey home

Young woman’s bound body discovered in suitcase: Police – ABC News

Arrest made in case of woman found dead in suitcase – ABC News

Mich. Teen Told Police School Groundskeeper Had Repeatedly Raped Her, Then Was Found Strangled – People

While trying to defend himself, R Kelly gave a masterclass in misogyny – Quartz

Man sentenced to 8 years for wife’s death on honeymoon – NBC News

Woman says she was brutally attacked, left for dead at Dominican Republic resort – NBC News

Wedding DJ Who Killed, Sexually Assaulted Teacher Then Went Home to Unsuspecting Fiancée – People

Texas dad left in coma after brutal attack while protecting daughter from boyfriend: cops – Fox News

Oregon man arrested after disappearance of mother, young son – ABC News

Colorado man accused of beating fiancée to death pleads not guilty – CNN

13-year-old girl disappeared, then was dropped at hospital near death. Now, man is arrested. – NBC News

Woman in Vegetative State Who Gave Birth in Facility Had Likely Been Pregnant Multiple Times: Docs – People

Murdered pregnant teen Marlen Ochoa-Lopez buried on Saturday – ABC News

Mom Admits She Aided in Teen Daughter’s Rape, Murder, Dismemberment; Calls Girl a ‘Nonentity’ – People

Missing. Calif. Teen Found Dead with ‘Traumatic’ Injury, as Killer Remains at Large – People

Man Gets Death for Rape, Murder of Girlfriend’s Daughter in Front of Her; Mom Called Teen ‘Nonentity’ – People

Killing of jogger carried out by ‘jacked up white guys,’ not suspect: Letter – ABC News

Man found guilty of murdering NYC jogger Karina Vetrano – Fox News

80-year-old New York man arrested on charges he killed 2 young women in Virginia Beach in 1973 – NBC News

Woman found dead in suitcase had suffocated; ex is charged – ABC News

Calif. Girl, 13, Was Allegedly Killed After Resisting Sexual Advances of Man She Talked to Online — People

Facebook video of sexual assault found by teenage victim’s mother leads to 7 arrests Col. Hugh Clements Jr., chief of the Providence police, described the assault as one of the worst he could recall in his 35 years with the department.