Misogynist violence epidemic

“A new book by Cornell philosophy professor Kate Manne has answers. She argues that misogyny is not about male hostility or hatred toward women — instead, it’s about controlling and punishing women who challenge male dominance. Misogyny rewards women who reinforce the status quo and punishes those who don’t.

In this interview, we explore how sexism and misogyny are different, how misogyny is embedded in our customs and institutions, and what Trump’s election and our current moment reveal about our future.

Sexism is an ideology that says, “These arrangements just make sense. Women are just more caring, or nurturing, or empathetic,” which is only true if you prime people by getting them to identify with their gender.

So sexism is the ideology that supports patriarchal social relations, but misogyny enforces it when there’s a threat of that system going away.” https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/12/5/16705284/elizabeth-warren-loss-2020-sexism-misogyny-kate-manne


Epidemic of murdered women

A School Nurse Is on a Mission to Count the Women Killed by Men – The Atlantic

Dawn Wilcox https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/apr/11/the-nurse-tracking-americas-epidemic-of-murdered-women




https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ashanti-billie-missing-virginia-college-student-body-found-north-carolina/ NJ Murder case verdict just in – Now, new interviews, new details and hear from the killer himself

Body of missing student Mackenzie Lueck has been found, police say – Los Angeles Times

Body found in Alabama woods may be missing college student Aniah Blanchard, authorities say — CNN

Ohio Woman Was Found Raped, Murdered the Day After 24th Birthday — and Killer Is Convicted — People

Man charged after he allegedly killed a woman, moved into her house and impersonated her on social media — CNN

Coworker Allegedly Ambushed, Killed, N.J. Woman at Her Apartment When She Went on Her Lunch Break – People

Man charged in the death of missing 23-year-old student Mackenzie Lueck Police say a DNA profile of burned remains found on the suspect’s property match DNA tests of Lueck’s belongings.


Man confesses to murdering a U.S. scientist in Crete – CNN

Missing Nevada Mom of 3 Is Killed in Murder-Suicide by Man She Met Online – People

Police: Woman’s remains found naked, bound in shallow grave – ABC News

Man in custody after allegedly killing teen, posting photos of her body on Discord – NBC News

Bianca Devins murder tragedy

Fugitive Southern California millionaire charged in death of wife is captured in Mexico – NBC News

Man will be charged with murder, kidnapping of missing Utah student – NBC News

N.J. Woman Goes on Lunch Break and Is Found Slain in Her Apartment Hours Later – People

Man Allegedly Kidnapped, Brutally Beat Ex-Lover In Essex County A man tied up his former lover with Christmas lights and embarked on a harrowing, interstate trip in NJ and elsewhere, prosecutors said. https://patch.com/new-jersey/westorange/man-allegedly-kidnapped-brutally-attacked-ex-lover-new-jersey

US lawmaker ‘punched wife for not undressing quickly enough’ – BBC News

Husband of missing mother arrested after remains found: Authorities – ABC News

Man Attempting to Kill Estranged Wife Is Paralyzed by Stepdaughter – Newsweek

Man arrested for allegedly shooting bride and bishop during wedding – CBS News

Tarzan Actor Left Acting to Raise His Kids, Including Harvard Grad Son Who Killed Mom – People

Man accused of sex assault of female airline passenger that led to emergency landing – NBC News

Tech Boss Caught Sending Explicit Snapchat Messages to Girls Avoids Jail – Newsweek

Patrick Frazee found guilty of killing missing fiancee Kelsey Berreth – ABC News

Woman films her alleged killer moments before he shot her: Prosecutor – ABC News

A 23-Year-Old Woman Was Set On Fire By Five Men While She Traveled To A Court Hearing About Her Alleged Rape – BuzzFeed News

Four Men Accused Over A Woman’s Rape And Murder Have Been Shot Dead By Police – BuzzFeed News

Cable Installer Accused of Murdering Texas Grandmother Who Didn’t Show up For Christmas Party – People

North Carolina man accused of killing wife with eye drops – NBC News

Police: Texas man confessed to killing pregnant sister – ABC News

‘Sweet and Smart’ Oregon Woman Is Found Dead in Home — and Boyfriend Is Arrested – People

College Grad and Aspiring Lawyer Killed While Driving with Boyfriend, as Police Search for Suspect – People

Woman Told Police Her Ex Called Her 50 Times and Threatened Her — and Weeks Later, She Was Dead – People

Indiana Teen Who Fatally Stabbed Pregnant Cheerleader Girlfriend Sentenced to 65 Years Behind Bars – People

Woman, 19, Is Fatally Stabbed in Front of Mom After Finishing Shift at Diner: ‘The Sweetest Girl’ – People

Woman in critical condition after being found naked and beaten in apartment, police say – ABC13 Houston

N.C. Father Fatally Shoots Wife, 3 Children and Family Dog Before Killing Himself: ‘Senseless Loss’ – People

Body of Stephanie Parze found in New Jersey woods, now-deceased man responsible for her murder, authorities say – CNN

Dad of Slain N.J. Makeup Artist Tearfully Says Teen Boys Who Found Her Body Are ‘Angels’ – People

A parole board sent a convicted wife-murderer to a sex worker *because* they knew he was a danger to women but wanted to make sure he got his “sexual needs” met. The guy murdered the 22-year-old sex worker.

Pregnant mother of five shot and killed but fetus survives – CBS News

Homicide a major cause of death for Louisiana pregnant women – Reuters

Wash. Woman Was Strangled and Set on Fire, and Police Suspect Ex-Husband – People

Man Fatally Beat Girlfriend, Went to Court Before Taking Body to Hospital, Police Say – NBC10 Philadelphia

Stephanie Simpson: New Zealand police find body of missing woman – BBC News

Ex-wife of man accused of killing 8 describes 1st shooting — ABC News

Wrestler adds to abuse allegations against university doctor — ABC News

Cary man followed NC State student with disabilities into dorm, sexually assaulted her, police say — ABC11 Raleigh-Durham

Fugitive Arrested After Allegedly Killing Minnesota Real Estate Agent in Murder-for-Hire Plot — People

Slain Barnard student’s family blasts police union head over marijuana comment

A man killed his girlfriend and then shared photos of her dead body on a gaming platform, police say 

The teenager whose murder was exploited for clicks

Woman’s body found bound in a suitcase on the side of a Connecticut road

Man kills girlfriend’s teenage son and daughter in dispute over smoking — ABC News

Florida to execute man convicted of abducting, killing eight women in 1984 – Reuters

Man arrested after allegedly shooting and stabbing multiple people in California rampage — CNN


Prominent Mass. Doctor Charged with Killing His Missing Wife After Her Body Is Found in a Pond

3 Dead in Murder-Suicide After N.C. Husband’s Chilling Post Threatening Wife With ‘Body Bag’ – People

Family of Florida woman who died on first date claim she was left for dead on interstate: report – Fox News

Photos Show How Sailor Killed Wife During Honeymoon by Sabotaging Their Boat – People

N.J. man charged after woman’s body is found in suitcase https://www.nj.com/news/2020/07/nj-man-charged-after-womans-body-is-found-in-suitcase.html

Pa. Teen Who Vanished Weeks Ago Walking Home from Church Was ‘Harmed,’ and Suspect Is Arrested https://people.com/crime/missing-teen-vanished-weeks-ago-walking-home-after-church-suspect-arrested/

2 Fla. Sisters Are Fatally Shot by Abusive Ex-Boyfriend, Who Then Turns Gun on Himself https://people.com/crime/florida-sisters-fatally-shot-abusive-ex-boyfriend-turns-gun-on-himself/

Ohio Man Kills Wife and 3 Kids Before Turning Gun on Himself: Police https://people.com/crime/ohio-man-kills-familiy-before-turning-gun-on-himself/

American Man Allegedly Confesses to Stabbing Wife to Death While Vacationing in France: Reports — People

After Being Stabbed and Run Over, Dying Nurse Identifies Estranged Husband as Alleged Attacker A co-worker who witnessed the fatal incident told a local news outlet Philip Mathew allegedly drove over Merin Joy “like she was a speed bump” https://people.com/crime/fla-nurse-stabbed-and-run-over-outside-hospital-where-she-works-as-estranged-husband-is-arrested/

Man Raped and Murdered Childhood Friend After Offering to Walk Her Home https://www.newsweek.com/wesley-streete-keeley-bunker-murder-crime-rape-1523673

Couple Allegedly Admits to Storing Dead Body of Woman in a Freezer After Raping and Killing Her — People

Fla. Woman ‘Trying to Find Mr. Right’ Is Killed, and Suspect Is Man She Met Online — People

Suspect in Killing of Ark. Jogger Knew Victim and Claimed to Be Member of Search Party — People

Colo. Man Allegedly Killed Woman with Machete and Injured Her Husband, 2 Kids and Family Friend — People

‘Amazing’ Va. Woman Killed Less than a Week After Protective Order Expired — People

Family of Missing Pregnant Teen Says She’s Dead — as Husband Is Charged with Probation Violation Elizabeth Garrow-McDonald, 19, was reported missing Thursday, three days before a body matching her description was found https://people.com/crime/family-of-missing-pregnant-teen-says-shes-dead-probation-violation/

Georgia Mom Who Vanished After July 4 Party Is Found Dead in Her Car in Busy Area, Says Family https://people.com/crime/georgia-mom-who-vanished-after-july-4-party-is-found-dead-in-her-car-in-busy-area-says-family/

Suspect Allegedly Rammed Ark. Jogger With Truck Before Killing Her, Then Joined Search Party Sydney Sutherland, 25, disappeared while out for a run on Aug. 19 https://people.com/crime/sydney-sutherland-arkansas-jogger-suspect-allegedly-rammed-truck-before-murder/

Mich. Mom of 6 Is Found Slain in Backyard — and a Man Has Turned Himself In https://people.com/crime/michigan-mom-found-slain-backyard-man-allegedly-confessed/

Boyfriend Said N.C. Mom Died After Slipping in Bathtub — But 3 Months Later, He’s Charged with Murder

Missing Delaware Teen Was Beaten to Death in Woods — and Police Say Ex and Others Were Involved Police allege that Noah Sharp admitted to killing Madison Sparrow with a bat https://people.com/crime/missing-delaware-teen-beaten-woods-ex-others-involved/

Nebraska Woman, 24, Was Lured on Tinder Date Before Couple Strangled and Dismembered Her

Oklahoma man tells cops he shot and killed 27-year-old woman in alleyway ‘to teach her a lesson’: police Oklahoma man tells cops he shot and killed 27-year-old woman in alleyway ‘to teach her a lesson’: police

Daughter pleads for answers in 2012 murder of Daisy Taylor whose body was found dumped alongside road in Arkansas https://www.nbcnews.com/dateline/daughter-pleads-answers-2012-murder-daisy-taylor-whose-body-was-n1246847

Husband accused of killing wife in their Newark home, authorities say

Salt Life founder facing manslaughter charge in 18-year-old’s death

Colo. Teen Allegedly Beaten to Death by Ex in Parking Lot

Bao Yang, 39, called the police more than 15 times on her ex-boyfriend, a registered sex offender who couldn’t seem to let her go

Minn. Nurse Killed in Murder-Suicide by Ex-Boyfriend Who’d Been Harassing Her Since 2019 Breakup

Alabama missing woman’s remains identified after 5 years, ex-husband charged with murder

Remains of Iowa Girl, 10, Who Went Missing in July Are Found, and Sex Offender Is Person of Interest

Ex-Jets WR Al Toon’s Daughter Molly Murdered By Her White Husband Royce Lillard III With Their 8-Month Baby in The House

Woman who disappeared after planning on going to a gas station found

Husband of Calif. Woman Who Went Missing in 2016 Charged with Kidnapping That Resulted in Her Death

Rape and murder of 78-year-old woman with dementia is solved, police say — three decades later

Missing Florida girl, 11, found at home of 22-year-old ‘boyfriend’

Prosecutor: Missing student killed during 1996 rape attempt

Missing Mom of 2, Who Was 5 Months Pregnant, Is Found Slain in Missouri Park