Trump is breaking the environment beyond repair

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt: Delete Decades Of Science In The Name Of ‘Transparency’

‘Complete Wiping Away of Clean Water Act’: Trump EPA Rule Would Free Corporations to Pollute Nation’s Water as Much as They Please “As a result of the change, an estimated 60-90 percent of U.S. waterways could lose federal protections that currently shield them from pollution and development.

Recycling Chaos In U.S. As China Bans ‘Foreign Waste’

A devastating report details a ‘monumental’ assault on science at the Department of the Interior

The National Flood Insurance Program was already $24 billion in debt before Harvey and Irma America needs to dramatically rethink how it handles flood insurance.

Pruitt removing climate science from epa website

This is what happens when the EPA acts on behalf of corporate polluters instead of protecting public health and a clean environment. Andrew Wheeler, who the Senate just confirmed as EPA Administrator, has already started trying to roll back the rules that require these types of coal plants to monitor nearby groundwater for toxic pollutants. If he is successful, we will see this same type of groundwater contamination in communities all across the country. We have got to stand up to Andrew Wheeler and demand environmental policies that protect all of us, not just the profits of the fossil fuel industry. – B Sanders

On election night 2016, Kim Cobb, a professor at the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech, was on Christmas Island, the world’s largest ring-shaped coral reef atoll, about 1,300 miles south of Hawaii. A climate scientist, she was collecting coral skeletons to produce estimates of past ocean temperatures. She had been taking these sorts of research trips for two decades, and over recent years she had witnessed about 85 percent of the island’s reef system perish due to rising ocean temperatures. “I was diving with tears in my eyes,” she recalls.

In a row house made of cinder blocks on the tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, she monitored the American election results, using a satellite uplink that took several minutes to load a page. When she saw Donald Trump’s victory, she felt shock and soon descended into severe depression. “I had the firm belief that Washington would act on climate change and would be acting soon,” the 44-year-old Cobb says. “When Trump was elected, it came crashing down.”

Trump Administration Rolls Back Clean Water Protections

Trump’s dismantling of environmental regulations unwinds 50 years of protections EPA will give preference to studies with publicly available data for rulemaking— which is just another way to stifle science (many clean air, water and other public health rules are justified by studies using personal health data gathered under confidentiality agreements, so the datasets by law can never been made public).

Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways February 21, 2017 | 10:33 AM EDT The resolution, signed Feb. 16, reversed an Obama-era rule aimed at blocking coal-mining operations from dumping waste into nearby waterways.

These southern Utah sites were once off-limits to development. Now, Trump will auction the right to drill and graze there.

Stop blaming population growth for climate change. The real culprit is wealth inequality Consumption by the world’s richest 10% makes up half of the planet’s consumption-based CO₂ emissions.

Trump moves to allow logging in the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest Meanwhile, the Amazon burns.

Asbestos Imports Surge as Trump White House Moves to Keep Deadly Carcinogen Legal

E.P.A. Prepares to Roll Back Rules Requiring Cars to Be Cleaner and More Efficient

Whistleblower says he was pressured by Trump administration to reverse environmental decision – CNN Politics

Most of National Park Service Advisory Board Quit in Protest

EPA proposal scraps limits on coal plant waste

Trump administration expected to roll back Obama-era clean water regulations – CNBC

Senate Democrats release list of climate studies buried by Trump administration – POLITICO

Trump moves to exempt big projects from environmental review – The New York Times

85 Environmental Rules Being Rolled Back Under Trump

Trump Ordered Dramatic Cuts To Expert Science Panels

The oil industry is quietly winning local climate fights — The Atlantic

U.S. national parks could be privatized. Here’s what would change. — National Geographic

The EPA is about to change a rule cutting mercury pollution. The industry doesn’t want it. — The Washington Post

Ohio just passed the worst energy bill of the 21st century – Vox

Trump administration wants to lower emissions standards for cars – CNN Politics

Trump proposes overhaul of Obama-era coal emission standards – The Washington Post

President Trump’s Pollution Rules Rollback Will Hit Coal Country Hard – TIME

EPA Submits Proposal to Replace Obama’s Clean Power Plan – VICE

Nearly every country in the world — but not the U.S. — agrees to landmark plastic pollution pact – CNN

Don’t Let the Trump Administration Privatize Our Campgrounds!

Rolling back epa standard – take action

He’s called climate change a Chinese hoax, made no secret of his disdain for the Clean Power Plan, and signaled that he plans to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate deal.

A lot of people are worried about the environment right now. And President Trump … well, he’s not helping.

        How to take your panic over Trump and the environment and turn it into real action.

Recycling is part of an insidious sleight of hand that reframed our growing waste problem as one not of corporate excess, but of irresponsible consumer choices and individual lifestyles.

A faulty pipeline has leaked 176,000 gallons of crude oil into a creek and the surrounding countryside 2.5 hours away from the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota.

Scientific American issues severe warning on 5G dangers In short, the safety standards that the FCC wishes to maintain are severely outdated and fail to reflect the growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating harm.

EPA relaxes limits on toxic waste from coal power plants

Officials are already fighting wildfires. Now they’re fighting misinformation, too. As wildfires rage, false antifa rumors spur pleas from police

At least six groups have issued warnings about the false rumors, including some asking the public to stop sharing the misinformation.

Trump’s EPA launches surprise attack on Biden’s climate rules

Trump Rushes Environmental Rules That Could Handcuff Biden

Trump’s EPA launches surprise attack on Biden’s climate rules

Trump Rushes Environmental Rules That Could Handcuff Biden

How Much the Oil Industry Paid Texas Republicans Lying About Wind Energy

How Fox News is exploiting Texas’ power outages to fearmonger about clean energy

Fossil Fuel Apologists Crafted Lies Now Heard on Fox, Blaming Wind Power for Texas Blackouts

WSJ News Exclusive | Texas Electric Bills Were $28 Billion Higher Under Deregulation

Trump EPA Invited Companies to Revise Pollution Records of a Potent Carcinogen