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Analysis | Is it time to call Trump the f-word? — The Washington Post

Too many still believe ‘it can’t happen here,’ but it IS happening here. This is the rise of tyranny. The violation of norms, weaponization of law, purge of independent officials, assault on truth, climate of violence etc. Defeat it now or prepare for a much harder, longer fight. Evan McMullin on Twitter

Studying Fascist Propaganda by Day, Watching Trump’s Coronavirus Updates by Night

“Fascist politics can dehumanize minority groups even when an explicitly fascist state does not arise,”

‘You’re overreacting, you’re exaggerating, it’s irresponsible to call this fascism or that fascism,’ ” Stanley said. “I’ll point to a step Trump has taken—he’s using ice to round up children, he’s surrounding himself with loyalists and generals, he’s using the apparatus of government to dig up dirt on a political rival—and the response is always ‘Sure, that’s bad, but it’s not a big enough step to justify the F-word.’ I’m starting to feel like the it’s-not-a-big-enough-step people won’t be happy until they’re in concentration camps.”


The White House is testing every single person that walks in the door, but issued a statement that testing the public is “nonsensical”. That should tell you all you need to know about Trump’s disregard for the lives of American citizens. His life is important, yours is not.

Historian of Nazism explains why GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell is the ‘gravedigger of American Democracy’ https://www.rawstory.com/2018/10/historian-nazism-explains-gop-senate-leader-mitch-mcconnell-gravedigger-american-democracy/

Trump signs executive order in what could be his first attempt to nationalize social media and seize the memes of production. https://twitter.com/sparrowmedia/status/1266111723125256199

If you’re not scared about fascism in America, you should be https://www.nytimes.com/video/opinion/100000006154922/fascism-leaders-america-trump.html

Office of Special Counsel says removal of Health whistleblower was retaliatory, lawyers say https://www.cbsnews.com/news/office-of-special-counsel-says-removal-of-health-whistleblower-was-retaliatory-2020-05-08/

Even the usually restrained Barack Obama warns Americans we’re slipping dangerously close to authoritarianism https://www.salon.com/2017/12/19/frightening-ways-trumps-america-mirrors-hitlers-germany_partner/

How much do the early days of the Trump administration look like the Third Reich? Historian Richard Evans weighs in. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2017/02/historian-richard-evans-says-trumps-america-isnt-exactly-like-the-third-reich-but-its-too-close-for-comfort.html

How Hitler went from fringe politician to dictator — and why it’s a mistake to think it couldn’t happen in the US https://www.businessinsider.com/hitler-trump-comparisons-2016-10

Fascism is Not an Idea to Be Debated, It’s a Set of Actions to Fight Aleksandar Hemon on the Problem with Civility https://lithub.com/fascism-is-not-an-idea-to-be-debated-its-a-set-of-actions-to-fight/

Robert Reich The Justice Department has abruptly dropped its prosecution of Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser. Flynn had previously plead guilty twice to lying to F.B.I. agents and had cooperated with investigators during the Mueller investigation, before completely reversing his position and engaging in a months-long attack against prosecutors and the F.B.I. Trump repeatedly voiced his support for Flynn in recent months, raising concerns that he would pardon the former general.

I cannot overstate the gravity of this gross miscarriage of justice, and how dangerous this is for our democracy’s future. Michael Flynn is getting zero jail time for lying to the F.B.I, undermining prosecutors, and betraying the country — while countless Americans are dying of coronavirus in prison because they were jailed on technicalities or parole violations. Meanwhile, Attorney General William Barr has turned the Justice Department into nothing more than a political tool for Trump to wield against his enemies and withdraw against his friends.

This is how dictatorships are built. Robert Reich

Bill Maher: Trump entering ‘ethnic cleansing’ phase of ‘dictator checklist’ https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/maher-trump-entering-ethnic-cleansing-phase-of-dictator-checklist

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Opinion | Trump’s purge of inspectors general is a crisis. Alarm bells should be going off everywhere.

Authoritarianism experts warn time is running out to stop Trump – Business Insider

Thread: Trump and Hitler

Trump and Hitler were malignant narcissists, devoid of empathy, suffering from paranoia and delusions of grandeur.

Trump and Hitler had strict authoritarian fathers.

Trump and Hitler were deeply affected by the death of a brother. Uncle Blazer on Twitter

Trump administration rescinded Courage Award for woman who criticized Trump, then gave false explanation for its decision, watchdog finds The Trump administration rescinded an award recognizing the work of a journalist from Finland last year after discovering she had criticized President Trump in social media posts, then gave a false explanation for withdrawing the honor, according to a report by the State Department’s internal watchdog. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/trump-administration-rescinded-courage-award-for-woman-who-criticized-trump-and-gave-false-explanation-for-decision-watchdog-finds/2020/09/25/255bc880-fecd-11ea-830c-a160b331ca62_story.html


Durham aide quits amid pressure on Russiagate probe

A top aide to Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is conducting a politically sensitive investigation into the origins of the federal investigation into potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, has resigned from the Justice Department amid mounting pressure from President Donald Trump and his allies to publish results from the probe before the November election.

Veteran prosecutor Nora Dannehy had been drafted to help investigate the origins of the inquiry into the 2016 Trump campaign. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/11/durham-aide-quits-russiagate-412699?cid=apn

Don’t miss what Kayleigh McEnany just said about election night McEnany is instead sowing doubts about the validity of the election. And doing so not only without any proof of her contention of potential hijinks but also with loads of contrary data that suggests the election will be aboveboard. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/10/politics/2020-election-night-results-kayleigh-mcenany/index.html

Schmidt: In all the years I worked in GOP politics, from local races to the White House it never occurred to me that it was even remotely possible that there were people sitting in rooms with me that would one day be in favor of overturning a Presidential election and making the loser America’s first dictator.  I have warned about this danger for many years, yet I remain flabbergasted by this moment.  We now know who has crossed the rubicon. We cannot unlearn who those people are. This is a photo of the American Cemetery in  Normandy.  https://twitter.com/steveschmidtses/status/1337848568661598212?s=21

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Escaping the “Mussolini moment”: Trump’s enablers and the banality of evil