Child Abuse and systemic sexual abuse

Abusive Priests get relocated 

Abusive Cops are allowed back to service

Anyone who assures you they have esoteric knowledge that you cannot access until you undergo a process that they will guide you through, beware. Pyramid scheme of sexual and financial abuse

Foster system failure

Helping foster kids He wants to make sure no other child in the foster care system has an experience like the ones he and his children had. Warning: descriptions of abuse. Video by Jess Blank, with special thanks to

No jail for police officer who had child with 15-year-old

Silent no more: Inside the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal – NBC News

Court let’s pedophile free

Megachurch Youth Pastor Will Only Serve 8 Months For Sexually Abusing Teen

The Catholic Church and Boy Scouts are lobbying against child abuse statutes. This is their playbook

Fmr House Speaker Says Child He Raped Should Pay Back Hush Money Since He Broke His Silence

Thousands sign petition as ‘immature’ child sex abuser let off amid fears it could damage his career

Man who crusaded against gay adoption admits to molesting four more children, all but one in foster care

Vatican abuse art installation 

Child bride vid statement 

An Indiana man who crusaded against gay adoptions and later was convicted of molesting his adoptive daughter told state parole officials on Tuesday that he molested four other children.

Montana Man Gets No Prison Time After Repeatedly Raping 12-Year-Old Daughter

Gold medalist Dominique Moceanu warned us 10 years ago about abuse in USA Gymnastics

New York Times Releases a Bombshell Report on the Proliferation of Child Sexual Abuse Imagery Online

On Sunday, the New York Times published a ruin-your-day (slash week slash year slash life), can’t-unsee report on the proliferation of child sexual abuse imagery online (the material is frequently referred to as “child pornography,” but the article states that “experts prefer terms like child sexual abuse imagery or child exploitation material to underscore the seriousness of the crimes and to avoid conflating it with adult pornography, which is legal for people over 18″). It is as harrowing as it is crucial, at times nearly impossible to read and yet urgently important.


Man who raped 12-year-old awarded joint custody of her child

Shirley temple peodophelia 

Native American 15 year old and red river 

Not Guilty Verdict in Murder of 15-Year-Old Girl Emblematizes Systemic Injustice for Indigenous Women and Girls

Missouri has lost track of more than 1,200 sex offenders. Other states have a similar problem. – CNN

Child Marriage Is Legal In 48 States. These Women Are Asking Why. – BuzzFeed News

Former Priest Extradited to Face Child Sex Abuse Charges Blamed Cancer, Prosecutors Say – TIME

East Haven Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Child – NBC Connecticut

Top cardinal admits church destroyed files on clergy sexual abuse – CNN

Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way

Uncle of missing 5-year-old Utah girl charged; a body found near her home

An 11-year-old gave birth, Missouri police said. Three of her relatives are facing charges — USA TODAY

He was sexually abusing underage girls. Then, police said, one of them killed him. – The Washington Post

15-year-old girl forced into van at knifepoint by two men: police – WGN 9 Chicago

Convicted rapist sexually assaulted girl, 5, on way home from prison – Evening Standard

Man Found Guilty of Raping Own Daughter, Fathering 6 Children Over 20 Years – Newsweek

Popular Fla. Minister Allegedly Admits Sexual Relationship With 14-Year-Old Accusing Him of Rape – People

Dad Claimed Daughter, 22, Accidentally Shot Herself, But Authorities Say He Molested, Killed Her – People

East Haven Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Child – NBC Connecticut

Kentucky Principal Who Tried to Ban LGBT Books Arrested For Child Porn – Newsweek

Whistleblower says bishop knew of sexual abuse allegations, but did nothing

Scathing report finds 690 Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse in Illinois – Chicago Tribune

Slain 2-Year-Old Suffered ‘Horrific’ Sex Abuse — and Pregnant Mom and Boyfriend Are Charged – People

Opinion | Evil walked the earth in Pennsylvania

Lawyer For Cardinal Pell Minimizes Child Rape As ‘Plain Vanilla Sexual Penetration’ Lawyer For Cardinal Pell Minimizes Child Rape As ‘Plain Vanilla Sexual Penetration’

11 former New Hampshire prep school staffers accused of abuse

Michigan appeals court to review judge’s sentencing of Larry Nassar – NBC News

She warned MSU about Larry Nassar. Now she wants to fix the system that silenced her. – HuffPost

Missing Tenn. Teen Is Found Alive in Wis., Stepdad Who Pleaded For Safe Return on TV Is Arrested – People

Texas man, 37, sentenced for impregnating girl, 11: prosecutors – Fox News

Why the person responsible for death of girl found in suitcase hasn’t been charged (and may never be)

Alabama Girl, 11, Was Allegedly Strangled With Rope by Man Who Pretended to Search for Her – People

British politicians ‘covered up child sex abuse for decades’

North Dakota Federal Gov Spirit Land Native American 

Legionaries of Christ says late leader sexually abused at least 60 children Conservative Catholic order Legionaries of Christ’s own report stated that sexual abuse of minors was rife among superiors of the religious order, with 175 minors abused by 33 priests between 1941 and 2019. At least 60 boys were abused by its founder Father Marcial Maciel.

She Was Sex Trafficked At 14 — Then Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison She Was Sex Trafficked At 14 — Then Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison – HuffPost

J archbishop ran Jersey Shore child-sex house for priests, lawsuit says Read More: NJ archbishop ran Jersey Shore child-sex house, lawsuit says |