Systemic racism, Media and Cultural Bias

You my consider yourself  to not be racist but you cannot deny that the system does not work fairly for everyone. You get to disobey a traffic law without fearing your life, question a cop, have your resume not tossed aside because of an ethnic name….

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People with small people in your lives: @sesamestreet and @CNN are holding a town hall on racism, protest and explaining this moment to children. ilyseh on Twitter

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A prevailing misconception among the general public in the United States has been that participation in public assistance programs is dominated by racial minorities.[1] In fact, minority groups have historically accounted for no more of the public assistance caseloads than white families. However, racial and ethnic minorities do have higher rates of participation in these programs than white families do, as these groups face higher rates of poverty than white families. The higher percentage of racial and ethnic minorities receiving assistance may fuel the perception that these groups are overrepresented in government benefit programs Who Receives Food Assistance in Ohio? Implications of Work Requirements for SNAP Enrollment across Racial, Ethnic and Geographic Divisions – The Center for Community Solutions Who Receives Food Assistance in Ohio? Implications of Work Requirements for SNAP Enrollment across Racial, Ethnic and Geographic Divisions – The Center for Community Solutions

Behind America’s Mutual Aid Boom Lies A Long History Of Government Neglect

The Difference Between First-Degree Racism and Third-Degree Racism Black Creatives Take ‘Supremacy’ Brand Campaign To The Streets, Deconstructing Racism Offline As the nation faces structural racism embedded in white supremacy this country was founded on, a close examination of broken systems, marginalized communities, and the reordering of shared values take a front seat.

Black woman set on fire by white men in Wisconsin The four assailants also called Althea Bernstein a racial slur.

Black families pay significantly higher property taxes – Unfair property assessments lead to widespread overtaxation of black Americans’ homes Analysis | Black families pay significantly higher property taxes than white families, new analysis shows

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Virus relief favors white households, leaving many people of color at risk of being evicted Renters miss out on federal aid while communities prep for hurricanes and ongoing pandemic

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Trump Bans Diversity Training, Claiming It’s Divisive, Anti-American Propaganda President Trump just made a major announcement that will surely have a huge impact on the diversity, equity and inclusion industry. Trump is now prohibiting federal agencies from conducting cultural sensitivity trainings because, according to the report, they are “divisive, anti-American propaganda.” Diversity trainings that focus on educating participants about white privilege, critical race theory and the racist origins of the United States apparently create “division and resentment” amongst federal employees. What is deeply problematic about this new ban is that the U.S. has a habit of avoiding the country’s dark and racist past. Evading the issue will not make it go away. It will grow more insidious and resilient as each year passes.

Feds decline charges against officers in Tamir Rice case

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