Prejudice and white supremacy in US

Basic random for-instances for white people:

Person of color couldn’t own land in Oregon until the 80’s

Hundreds of years of slavery

Decades of Segregation

Police brutality by innate bias (and lack of deescalation training)

Accosted by citizens abusing 911 for walking into their own homes

Challenged by systemic racism

If you weirdly cannot humble yourself to be educated by your fellow Americans of color on racial discrimination, learn it from Jane Elliot

Trump: Tribune Of Poor White People

The Numbers Don’t Lie: White Far-Right Terrorists Pose a Clear Danger to Us All

“I feel bad for people like that, the Republicans are called the conservative party for a reason, if many of them had their way we’d still have segregation at the very least, being homosexual would be banned and would be treated as a mental illness and women would be treated as obedient robots and would not be able to vote. That’s what many of them want. And many others are more into the future but not enough.”

White immigrants weren’t always considered white — and acceptable

White supremacists are blaming the wrong slices of society for their angst

“WHY PORTLAND HAS BECOME THE EPICENTER OF FAR-RIGHT VIOLENCE IT STARTS WITH Oregon’s history. The state was envisioned as a white utopia and barred black people from residency until 1926. To this day, Portland is the whitest big city in America, with a population that is 77 percent white and less then 6 percent black, and that racial homogeneity has proved for decades to be fertile recruiting ground for racist hate groups.”

“Can anyone explain why it is that ppl want Blacks to forget about slavery, yet continue to embrace the Confederacy; which sought to hold on to the institution? How does one go about  forgetting slavery when ppl are fighting so viciously to keep the leaders & battles of the Confederacy front & center? Herein lies the epicenter of the problem. You just can’t have it both ways.

Systemic oppression, institutional racism and sexism 

The groups that you are trying to compare did not have the same economic and political rights. Disadvantages passed down as wealth does, giving a wide range of different starts in life. “

Right-Wing Terrorism Has Gone Global To counter violence like the New Zealand mosque attacks, we need to target white nationalism in the worldwide war on terror.

“WHITE SUPREMACY FEARS is a term originally coined by a French writer Renaud Camus who first used it to describe the demographic replacement happening in France because of its mass immigration policies and low birth rates among the native French. In his book, he writes:

Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails

Mass shooters: Part of a larger epidemic of white male rage Mass shooters grow in the same soil as alt-right trolls: A mass of entitlement and rage, nurtured by the far right

A white guy and a black guy open carry. See the DIFFERENCE? Black and white open carry situ 

“Executive time” and white privilege: Our laziest president and an ugly stereotype Zoned out on Fox News and Mickey D’s, Trump still believes Obama was lazy and he’s a dynamic man of action

For black and brown Americans, Barack Obama’s two terms in office were a rebuke to a society where nonwhites have long been marked as second-class citizens. For black people in particular, the literal presence of Obama’s family in the White House represented a high point in the long, black freedom struggle. In the long arc of history, for centuries black Americans were owned, murdered, abused and raped by whites as human property, and yet a black American had become the most powerful man on the planet.

Of course, Obama’s ascent did not heal the centuries of harm done to black Americans by white racism. But that next chapter in America’s history — where one more “first” for a black person was demolished — was still symbolically intoxicating because it validated a belief in this country’s ability to change for the better.

For many millions of other Americans, the overwhelming majority of them white and conservative, Obama’s presidency represented a personal insult. The very presence of an intelligent, graceful, educated and accomplished black man in the White House — as president, instead of as a maid, janitor or butler — rocked them to the core of their being. If a person inherently connects being a “real American” with whiteness, then a black president is unthinkable. Such a reality forces a cognitive dissonance that cannot be easily reconciled. What was understood to be the natural order of things for white America was turned upside down.

Over the course of those eight years, many white conservatives became lost in the fever swamps of white supremacist paranoia, consumed by an existential dread about some vague notion of black or brown power, manifested in their archenemy and political demon Barack Obama. For too many people, Obama seemed to represent the displacement and obsolescence of white America and the birth of some undiscovered country where nonwhites rule and whites are made to kneel at their feet in submission.

Republicans, along with much of the right-wing media and public — and of course Donald Trump — claimed that Barack Obama was not eligible for the presidency because he was not a “natural born” citizen. This was and is a white supremacist fantasy.”

“Was the Civil War fought over slavery?”: Here’s the video to show idiots who think the answer is “No” Col. Ty Seidule, head of the department of history at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point lowers the boom

It’s the Racism, Stupid The GOP establishment can’t freak out about Trump now. It’s been playing his game for decades, just more artfully.

Disaster in Houston: A perfect example of the way racism hurts white people too Many Americans face a massive natural disaster — but the disaster of this failed presidency is even worse

The Professor, the Cop, and the President After the “beer summit,” the fallacy of a post-racial America was over—and white citizens never thought of Barack Obama the same way again.

Murder and scandal in Chicagoland 

“There’s a covert expectation by even poor whites of white privilege,” he tells the publication. “They feel like even if they’re illiterate, skin color should give them privilege. Even if they are an illiterate, they feel superior to a black president with a Harvard degree. What interrupted that was a black president and immigrants.”

A veteran from N.J. says the FBI is targeting him. Is he one of many? Affraz Mohammed a veteran and a Muslim says he has been tracked by law enforcement since 2014. The FBI, in coordination with the Department of Defense, tracks non-active military members it deems high risk, former agents say.

Bourdain on Mexico 

This is what many people really mean when they say they want America to be great again… when white men were the ones who had access to higher positions in society

Missionary in Uganda 

Mind you’re own F*&%$ Business “faux-mercial”

“What he is saying is that there are laws written by design that directly affect minorities. And these constitutional laws must be rewritten, this time with us participating in this signing..Until then Drastic measures must be taken..and it is anticipated the only response will be violence for that is the only language that those who want power know, humanity becomes irrelevant, another branch of inhuman entities stand in the way..

Mr. Rogers’ commencement speech at Dartmouth is exactly what we need right now

24 Amazing Color Photos Capture Chicago’s Street Scenes During the Blizzard of 1979

White men stockpile guns because they’re scared of black people and feel inadequate, science says

Rural Christian white America has a dark and terrifying underbelly

Hey, Kanye, Here’s a List of Books You Should Read To Strengthen Your “Free Thinking”

Judge recommends neo-Nazi pay $14M to Jewish woman he targeted with troll storm

Democrats unite to condemn Trump tweet linking Ilhan Omar and 9/11 – Vox

Confessions of a former neo-Confederate Who believes slavery wasn’t really that bad? I did.

White guys who were home-schooled by Christian … – Reddit

“He was a lone nut! One bad apple! It’s not nice to stereotype!” – Christian conservatives. African American, Hispanic person, or Muslims assaults someone

Powerful White Nationalists Behind the ‘English Only’ Movement What do ICE, Border Patrol, and the “English Only” movement have in common? They all have ties to powerful white nationalists.

“The Massacre That Spawned the Alt-Right – Forty years ago, a gang of Klansmen and Nazis murdered five communists in broad daylight. America has never been the same. The Massacre That Spawned the Alt-Right – POLITICO

US white supremacist leader Robert Rundo arrested in California – BBC News US

Democrats unite to condemn Trump tweet linking Ilhan Omar and 9/11 – Vox

This Is Why Jared Kushner Is Dangerous for Jews If Jared Kushner were interested in upholding the values that the vast majority of American Jews share he would have distanced himself from the Trump campaign many months ago.

Football concussions civil rights 

‘Move n*gger’: Black man’s dog poisoned, truck stolen and garage burned since moving to Arkansas town

The ‘Redneck Revolt’ is recruiting working-class white people to destroy the very idea of white culture

NowThis (@nowthisnews) Tweeted: .@AOC made a great point about white supremacist violence and the label of terrorism

White immigrants weren’t always considered white — and acceptable

Why can’t white supremacists confront the fact that the source of their economic problems are white economic elites?

“Frustrated young white men are facing class divisions more than racial divides

There’s no disputing the white anger and rage seen in Charlottesville, even if conservative publications like the National Review say these “angry white boys do not have a political agenda.”

Their anger is real and grievances differ, even if they took the old path of joining mobs spewing racist filth. Yet these white supremacists are blaming the wrong slices of society for their angst.

Racial divides are not what’s plaguing vast stretches of white America — deepening class divides are. If you think about who is to blame, it is mostly powerful white capitalists and their government servants that decimated regional economies in recent decades.” Why can’t white supremacists confront the fact that the source of their economic problems are white economic elites?

Hundreds of thousands sign petitions urging the U.S. government to declare KKK a terrorist group

“So here’s what happened in my pristine city yesterday whilst I worked on the other side of town.

Two right-wing groups from Florida held an “End Domestic Terrorism” rally on the Waterfront. One of the groups, the “Proud Boys,” was led by Joe Briggs; an associate of Alex Jones’ InfoWars. In addition to the Proud Boys, the White Nationalist American Guard (a hardcore racist and anti-Semitic group founded in Indiana) and the Three Percenters (an anti-government paramilitary group out of Alabama), joined the mêlée. The Daily Stormers (a neo-Nazi group patterned after Hitler’s SA), were also reportedly in attendance. To their credit, the far-right “Oath Keepers” declined to attend the rally due to the presence of the White Nationalists.

These uninvited guests were confronted by several local liberal organizations, including Rose City “Antifa” (a conjunctive term for anti fascist). Lots of scuffles, thirteen arrests, clubs, poles, bear spray confiscated, but apparently no major violence broke out—amazingly enough. It all unwound when the Florida interlopers quietly asked the Portland Police Bureau to provide them with protection so that they could skedaddle from the scene.

President Donald Trump tweeted in his own 2¢ worth: “Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR. Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!”

Proud Boys organizer Joe Briggs responded to Trump’s tweet: “Go look at President Trump’s Twitter. He talked about Portland, said he’s watching Antifa. That’s all we wanted.”

These punks came to Portland because we’re Portland: The antithesis of who they are and what they represent. But once they realized they were outnumbered and just how unwelcome their message of hate was, they asked our police bureau for help.

So that’s all you need to know about what happened here yesterday. Neo-Nazis, InfoWars, Proud Boys, The Daily Stormers, The White Nationalist American Guard and the Three Percenters all came here to show us how tough they are. They were soon outnumbered by anti-fascist organizations, largely nonviolent, which led to the right-wingers asking for police protection.

👉🏼 And the President of the United States threatened to label the anti-fascists an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.” Effectively giving tacit support to the forces of racism, bigotry and hate.

And they said it can’t happen here.”

Liberal, progressive — and racist? The Sierra Club faces its white-supremacist history. — The Washington Post

Army Handout Suggests Trump’s MAGA Slogan Is Considered ‘Covert White Supremacy’

Black family in Texas says cars set on fire, ‘Trump 20’ painted on house due to BLM sign

How The Daughters Of The Confederacy Continue To Influence Racism

Black woman ‘heartbroken’ after vicious attack by racist MAGA mob in downtown Los Angeles

Democracy is a threat to white supremacy—and that is the cause of America’s crisis

A Night at the Garden

“Because the 40 years of this plutocratic takeover — of the ideology that said if you’re torn between doing what’s good for money and what’s good for people, always do what’s good for money; these stories about lazy workers and welfare queens; and any number of other fraudulent tales that were meant to justify life in the Hamptons — if I allow myself to feel this way on a good day, it all actually feels like it’s burning down.

And on matters of race and identity, likewise, the Trump era doesn’t have the crackle of a launch. It has been a mourning. A mourning for white power. A mourning for a time when simply to be white and show up was enough. A mourning for an era in which simply to be a man, and not necessarily an especially capable one, could get you ahead of other people. A mourning for a time when you could be the default idea of an American and not have to share your toys.

We must understand that what we’ve been living through is backlash.”

We are falling on our face because we are jumping high

This is the conversation about race that we need to have now

Watch Toni Morrison explain the “profound neurosis” of racism

Kamala Harris and the ‘Double Bind’ of Racism and Sexism

Trump’s ‘Definitive Chronicle of the American Founding’ Is a Staggering Blizzard of Cockamamie Talking Points

Bill O’Reilly Asks Where Is The Rise In White Supremacy, Gets Well And Truly Ratioed

It’s Time to Talk About Violent Christian Extremism

BLM did not arise from a political leader or party affiliation. It is unbelievable that it needs to be said, but BLM is not a terrorist organization or a hate group; the KKK most certainly is.

Op-ed: Jason Whitlock, I’m a Black scientist who knows why you’re wrong about BLM and KKK

Senators killed measure to combat violent extremism in military

Republican state lawmakers want to punish schools that teach the 1619 Project