Increase of Hate, violence and Hate Crimes since DT

  • Divisive statements
  • Stoking the fires of racism, sexism, and xenophobia
  • Instances of emboldened bigotry

We have come to accept a level of insult and abuse in political discourse that violates each person’s sacred identity as a child of God. We have come to accept as normal a steady stream of language and accusations coming from the highest office in the land that plays to racist elements in society.

This week, President Trump crossed another threshold. Not only did he insult a leader in the fight for racial justice and equality for all persons; not only did he savage the nations from which immigrants to this country have come; but now he has condemned the residents of an entire American city. Where will he go from here?

Make no mistake about it, words matter. And, Mr. Trump’s words are dangerous.

These words are more than a “dog-whistle.” When such violent dehumanizing words come from the President of the United States, they are a clarion call, and give cover, to white supremacists who consider people of color a sub-human “infestation” in America. They serve as a call to action from those people to keep America great by ridding it of such infestation. Violent words lead to violent actions.

Inciting Violence sequence 

Shocking Supercut Shows Trump Encouraging Violence Again And Again And Again The president has called on supporters to “knock the crap” out of his hecklers.

FBI Says NJ Hate Crimes Have Nearly Doubled: Town-By-Town List The FBI’s annual “Hate Crimes Statistics” report shows a very sharp increase in hate crimes in NJ. Here’s where they were reported and why.

Arrested Coast Guard Officer Allegedly Planned Attack ‘On A Scale Rarely Seen’ A 49-year-old Coast Guard lieutenant charged with stockpiling weapons and drugs is being described as a “domestic terrorist” who was planning “to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country,” according to court documents filed in U.S. District Court in Maryland on Tuesday.

A man assaulted a boy for ‘disrespecting’ the national anthem. His lawyer says Trump told him to do it.

Remember this video when someone in 45’s rally said to “shoot Immigrants” and rather than condemn him—45 laughed about it. The #ElPaso terrorist acted exactly in accordance to 45’s joke & shot & killed 20 people. This is what radicalization looks like

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‘What the hell’s wrong with these people?’: MSNBC panel goes off on GOP lawmakers’ threats of violence over Trump impeachment

“To me, this is one of the most underreported stories in this whole situation that we’re in, this talk of civil war, this talk of potential violence, if this president in particular either doesn’t win re-election or doesn’t get his way,” said host Jonathan Capehart. “How damaging is this to the republic?”

“You know, Jonathan, the hateful, violent speech by the Louie Gohmerts and the Steve Kings of the world — Steve King recently tweeted out something about red states have 8 trillion bullets, and the inference being we’re not afraid to use them,” said former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner. “You know, this kind of hateful speech just proves they have no defense of the president’s conduct on the merits, so instead, they behave like common criminals … I see comments by Steve King and by Louie Gohmert as being no different than an armed gunman who walks up to a victim in the street and says ‘Give me your wallet,’ and the victim says, ‘You have no right to my wallet,’ and the gunman says, ‘listen, if you don’t give me your wallet, there will be violence.’ I mean, that’s what these folks are saying. And it’s so irresponsible, and it is so sort of antithetical to what we’re supposed to be about.”

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A Milwaukee man was left with second-degree burns after someone threw battery acid in his face and accused him of being in the country illegally “Gee, it’s almost like Trump’s fact-free attacks against people of Latin-American descent have real-world consequences.”

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Shocking Supercut Shows Trump Encouraging Violence Again And Again And Again The president has called on supporters to “knock the crap” out of his hecklers. Shocking Supercut Shows Trump Encouraging Violence Again And Again And Again

Massacre at Walmart: Did the President’s words inspire a real-world tragedy? — NBC News


Disgusting!! The racist white man in this video tells a young Black boy and his dad “You don’t belong in this neighborhood” … because the boy was riding his bike in the cul-de-sac. Black men, women and CHILDREN should not have to tolerate this racist harassment any longer!! Ben Crump on Twitter

A Disabled Black Man Was Shot and Killed While Asking for Money Outside Trader Joe’s A warrant was issued on Tuesday for the white man who allegedly killed him.

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A white supremacist gang has been charged with kidnapping and forcibly removing a tattoo of a former member before killing him

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Idaho Anne Frank Memorial Defaced With Nazi Propaganda

Vandals spray paint “MAGA” and “TRUMP” on Jewish headstones

Trump’s History of Inciting Violence

“The Capitol riot, Everytown’s report notes, “was a continuation of a pattern of extreme right wing intimidation and violence that has grown unchecked during the Trump presidency.”

Throughout 2020, the report continues, “the extreme right used guns as tools of intimidation and violence in increasingly open ways, most notably by taking advantage of weak state gun laws to brandish weapons at anti-government protests and to intimidate peaceful protests for racial justice.”

From May 2020 to January 2021 there were at least 100 instances of armed demonstrators with guns at protests in the capital cities of 28 states, according to data from the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project and the Bridging Divides Initiative at Princeton University.

Right-wingers brandishing big guns gathered by the thousand in Richmond, Virginia, for a gun-rights rally; they entered the state Capitol building of Michigan to demonstrate against coronavirus lockdown measures; and they repeatedly turned up to harass and intimidate Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

In the days after the election, police arrested two Trump supporters for traveling to Philadelphia’s vote-counting center with an AR-15 rifle and roughly 160 rounds of ammunition.” How The NRA Helped Foment An Armed Insurrection At The Capitol

Instigation sequence

Trump supporter charged with 2nd-degree murder after gunning down woman during yard sign dispute

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